Welcome to Growth Peak

Growth Peak is an exciting Life Coaching company where we coach you how to build mental strength through physical exercises. If you want to reach peak growth, you need a strong mind. We believe that by providing you with tools to strengthen your mind, we are providing you with tools to break-through in any area of your life that needs improvement.

How do we help you to develop mental strength? Our philosophy is: once your body reaches a high level of strain, only the mind can carry it through and that makes it stronger. So, what we do is that we develop a series of physical exercises that you must do frequently to strengthen your mind…tailor made for you. This is not about physical fitness, it’s about mental fitness…but you get both!

We also love technology! Because we understand that it is hard to squeeze in a coaching session between work, family and life, we do your sessions online. We use a project management app that you download into your phone. From it we can chat, call, set tasks, monitor them and give you all the support you need. We also have very interesting hours! Sessions take place at night on weekdays, giving you time to cool off before you have your session. We are very accommodating.

We have also developed Growth Peak Digital where we assist fellow coaches to migrate their practices into digital businesses.