Growth Peak is a multi-focus empowerment company that provides information, tools and platforms that enable growth. Our aim is to grow individuals, communities and businesses to their peak so that they can make a meaningful contribution to the economy, society and their families. We do this through 2 types of channels:

  • Establishing partnerships that will introduce people to tools, information and platforms to empower themselves.
  • Developing our own tools and platforms that can empower people with information to empower themselves.

We are passionate about growth and empowerment generally and are always open to partnerships that will help us to achieve that.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to be a number 1 partner to corporate South Africa, Government and civil society in empowering individuals, businesses and communities to grow to their peak. Partnerships are what drives.

Our Mission is to create an army of active citizens that are constantly and effectively interacting with the economy and contributing to its growth through their own growth and empowerment.

Our Three Values are:



Ethical Conduct

We have developed 6 divisions within the organisation to ensure that we deliver our mission in line with our values. For any partnerships, please email sibusiso@growthpeak.co.za.