Welcome to Growth Peak

Growth Peak is a company that develops innovative ways to grow and empower people.

Through our solutions, we aim to push boundaries of how far people can take their growth. We empower people through coaching, mentorship, tools and development programmes. We push people to invest in themselves and in those around them so that that they can take their growth and empowerment to the peak.

We see ourselves as the beginning of a journey of change for individuals, households and society. Our goal is to create better people who will make a meaningful contribution into the economy. Our biggest stakeholders are people…everyday people.

We have four main focus areas:

  • We have developed tools that parents can use to assist their kids to cope with anxiety.
  • We use life coaching to assist adults to cope with big changes in their lives including divorce and trauma.
  • We work with corporate companies to help them to unleash talent and creativity in their staff members.
  • We support and develop social entrepreneurs who  are making a difference in their communities.