3 Strong Links Between Physical Exercise and Good Leadership

The Centre for Creative Leadership did a Survey which revealed that leaders who exercise regularly were rated significantly higher by their bosses, peers and direct reports on their leadership effectiveness than those who don’t. Also, according to the Journal of Managerial Psychology, executives that exercise regularly were rated significantly higher as leaders than executives who didn’t make a habit of working out.

This does not come as a surprise because we also found 3 strong links between physical exercise routines/action programmes and good leadership.

  • Adaptation

Getting through a tough exercise requires you to be able to adapt. The strain can kick in at any moment and throw out your strategy. When that happens, you need to adapt to your new reality to finish your exercise routine. Good leaders know how to adapt.

  • Planning

Most of the people that do not stick to their exercise schedule are the people that fail to plan to follow their schedule. Those who exercise regularly usually have a good plan…and a plan to ensure they follow the plan. Good planners make good leaders.

  • Commitment

Commitment is the biggest thing when it comes to exercising. Commitment to stick to your exercise plan. Commitment to finishing a particular exercise. Commitment to completing an entire routine. Commitment to the end vision. People who exercise regularly have that commitment. Any leader who can commit to a vision is a good leader.

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