About US

Growth Peak was founded by Sibusiso Nkosi, an empowerment expert with over 14 years in the empowerment sector. He is also a Transformation Policy Analysts and Thought Leader.

He started his empowerment career in 2006, working in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment sector. He spent years analysing community development projects as well as various other empowerment projects. It included SMME Development programmes. This is where he fully embraced the ethos of empowering others.

As a Transformation Policy Analyst, Nkosi is constantly fighting for ethical transformation in South Africa. He aims to contribute towards reducing inequalites in South Africa. He is an activist for transformation.

He is also an Obstacle Race Course Enthusiast which has led to him being an advocate for mental strength development. He is passionate about people and an advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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