Clever Ways to Make Money with your iKhokha Machine

Do you ever ask yourself what happens to a person after you tell a person that you don’t swipe (accept card payments)? Well, they leave and go spend their money somewhere else. That is money that you lost that you could have easily earned. This is an obvious reason to have a card machine.

However, there are some other cool ways to make money, especially with the iKhokha Machine. If you already own a tuck shop, food stall or a small trading spot, you can add some cool stuff.

Here is a thing. If someone came to your spot to buy something and are still be able pay their DSTV account, they will come back. It is an even better service if you can go to people’s houses and help them to pay their account. For the youngsters, hop on your bicycle, go to people’s houses and they pay their accounts with you. That is a side hustle. That is diversifying your income. Great thing is, this is not only for DSTV accounts but for other municipal accounts as well. Old people would love this. You can run all of these as home services and charge a tiny bit for “delivery” (which will be less than the taxi fare).

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