Covid 19 – A Time to invest in Yourself

It is without a doubt that Covid-19 is a major blow to economies around the world. While countries have been hit hard in terms of their GDP, you can use this time to increase your own personal GDP.

When Level 5 lockdown kicked in, many of us found ourselves with so much time on our hands. At first, we did not know what to do with it. Then, people started putting that time to good use. People started using the to finish a book, work on a business plan, perfect their art or simply invest in their mental growth.

So, what about those who missed that period?

Well, it is not too late for you. With the economy now slightly open and many of us having gone back to work, there is still a bit of that lockdown time. Many people still go to the office for limited hours or limited days a week. That little time can make a huge impact because travelling time is still cut. With weekends, it still means no visitors and that is more time. It is more time to read, more time to learn a new skill and maybe more time to take up one of our action programmes. The schedule is still open a bit.

The other upside is, if you work on yourself during this period, you will stay at home and help fight the spread of Covid-19. It’s not too late!

Do you want to invest in yourself during this lockdown period? Let us design an action programme for you to help you increase your mental strength. Visit