How it Started

Growth Peak was founded by Sibusiso Nkosi in 2015 as a company with a vision to assist people to grow to their peak. It started off as a company focused on shifting people’s mindsets so that they can remove limits when it comes to achieving their goals.

In 2017, Sibusiso was invited to participate in an Obstacle Course Race (OCR). At that time, he was not active. He was not involved in sports and any kind of training. After enjoying that event, he started entering more races and started to properly train for them.

Spartan 2018
Toyota Warrior 2019
Toyota Warrior 2020

He developed an action programme as part of his training to prepare for OCR. His action programme was made out of a series of exercises that simulated the challenges of an OCR, using the smallest space. It worked whenever he faced the grueling races.

Being in a management position during that period, he also realised that his action programme simulated the toughness of being at that stage of his career. His action programme assisted him to tackle those challenges and grow as a manager.

That’s when in 2019, Growth Peak started using the model of building action programmes for managers, executives, sales people and business owners.