How it Started

Growth Peak was founded by Sibusiso Nkosi in 2015 as a company with a vision to assist people to grow to their peak by shifting their mindsets.

In 2017 after joining the world of Obstacle Course Races (OCR), he started researching the correlation between physical exercise and the ability for it to strengthen focus and tenacity. He did this by designing three action programmes:

  1. To prepare for Obstacle Course Races.
  2. To be generally fit.
  3. To “steam off” after a hard day at the office.

He then combined these three action programmes into one and made a finding that: While all forms of physical exercise target mental strength as well, we need to be deliberate in the format, frequency and combination of exercises in order to target specif gaps in our mental strength.

Spartan 2018
Toyota Warrior 2019
Toyota Warrior 2020

That’s when in 2019 after two years of refining the research, Growth Peak started using the model of building action programmes to develop mental strength.