What We Offer

We create personalized action programmes which are made out of physical exercises routines and/or circuits. We do this for executives, managers, sales people and even business owners.

What is the aim?

The aim is to develop an action programme that simulates a certain environment in terms of toughness. This could be a tough office environment, a tough career or a tough situation such as grief or a divorce. The more you execute your action programme, the more you build that mental strength to take on your real life environment.

How is it personsalised?

Apart from thoroughly assessing your environment such as career difficulty, office environment or the situation you are going through, we also assess other factors such as fitness levels, medical considerations and psychology to ensure that your action programme works effectively for you.

How does it work in practice?

It’s simple! You will do your action programme at home or even at the office. It could be in the mornings or late afternoons. Then in the evenings we will do an online meeting to look at your progress and also assess if the action programme needs adjusting. During the day, you will record your progress onto the mobile app for discussion at our evening sessions.

Sounds great? Let us create your action programme.