Why you should encourage your employees to work out during Covid-19

Whether an employee exercises or not, it is not your business as an employer. Or is it?

The initial thought is, as an employer you already have so much on your plate trying to keep the company afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. Having to speak to each of your staff to encourage them to exercise is the last thing on your mind. However, what if these two factors are not mutually exclusive? What if encouraging your employees to exercise is exactly what you need to keep the company floating during this pandemic?

If your business is going to survive this period, then you need your whole team and you need them at their peak mental strength. The following reason are why it is in your best interest to find that time and investment to encourage your employees to work out. 

Exercise Boosts Work Ethic

Right now, as an employer you need productivity at its highest level from your team. You need work ethic to be at a high level so that your employees can go that extra mile. Working out is called exactly that for a reason. You put in the work to get through a tough exercise. You put in the work to start seeing the gains. You put in the work to sweat out the frustrations. The more you exercise, the more your mind gets used to putting in that extra work and that extra effort. This will trickle into everything else that you do.

So, by encouraging and investing in your team to start working out, you are creating a team that will have a boosted work ethic and that is what you need right now to service this uncertain period.

Exercise Creates the “Fight On” Spirit

This period is discouraging. As a leader, it will feel like you must carry all the burden on your own. Imagine if you had a team that fights on. A team that fights with you. An army that refuses to see the ship goes down. Exercise builds that spirit. That is what is required when your body tells you that you are done, but your count tells you that you need three more. That is why they say exercise does not become easier; your fighting spirit becomes stronger.

Encouraging and investing in your team to start exercising will create an army that will fight with you during this pandemic.

There are many other reasons for encouraging your employees to exercise:

  • Healthy employees are happy employees
  • Exercise improves the immune system which may reduce sick leave
  • Exercise helps with mental strength development which includes focus and concentration